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Amish Around the Globe

Finally! Proof the amish travelled the globe.

Above you can see one of the rarest of amish relics, which oddly enough is home to one the most visited countries on the planet - Thailand. As a self-proclaimed anthropologist, I'm excited to say this definitively proves the amish - at least the greatest of them - travelled the globe far and wide. For the past century scholars and academics alike believed the amish to be a reclusive group more focused on harnessing their butter churning and barn raising techniques than discovering new faraway lands. With the above evidence, in addition to the cult classic "Witness", it's hard to refute how little we actually know about the amish community and their motives to venture outside their own backyards. Why did they travel? Who tended to their crops while they were away? What were they looking for? The answers to these questions continue to elude historians, even to this day.



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Praise the Amish! #churnitout